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  • PP Melt-blown Filter Car

    PP Melt-blown Filter Cartridge MachineThe use of automatic control system, continuous production of various specifications of filter, the operation is simple and convenient, production High efficiency, large, long life of the machine...
  • Activated carbon filter 

    Activated carbon filter cartridge machineThe use of advanced automatic control system, by adding activated carbon adhesive (such as PE resin) heating extrusion properties of a molded....
  • PP Winding Filter Cartri

    Maximum diameter of winding: 200mm (winding diameter,larger than 200mm and within the effective range,can be customerized according to the orders)....
  • Meltblown, winding eleme

    Meltblown filter is using non-toxic odorless polypropylene particles, tubular filter after heating melt, spinning, drawing, forming and made. If the raw material to polypropylene. It can be referred to PP meltblown filter....

AQUATECH CHINA. (In Shanghai City)

Our BOOTH NO.: 8.1H582
DATE: June 7,2014-June 9,2017.
LOCATION: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition


Our sales named Ni Hongmei (Rose NI )left our company at the end of 2012.All of her business activities belong to personal behavior.If there is any commercial damage,it is nothing to do with our company.

Solemnly Declare

The company hereby declares that we neither changed the company name nor set up any subsidiary.

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